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Comparison bettween Water Jet and Sea Rider:

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Sea Rider
technical details

Body of Sea Rider: monocoque structure in 316 L stainless steel welded and heat treated. Rudder: of semicircular design together with reinforcing plate and stock of 316 L stainless steel plate and bar respectively. Propeller shaft: Armco Aquamet 17-22 or SAF 2205.
Surface propeller: four
biaded in nickel-aluminium-bronze (N.A.B.). For the models Ti 30 and Ti 60 the propellers can be five and seven bladed.
Shaft bearíngs: water lubricated in synthetic fibre.

Standard model
Body constitued of: box, rudder, cylinder, fixing bolts, zincs.

Standard shaft line
Constitued of.
- standard lenght shaft:
Ti 3    (mm 1050),
Ti 6    (mm l500),
Ti 10    (mm 1500),
Ti 15    (mm l500),
Ti 16    (mm l500),
Ti 25    (mm l500),
Ti 30    (mm 2000),
Ti 60    (mm 2200),
Ti 120(according to the applications),
- standard propeller,
- flange,
- propeller nut,
- stern gland,
- bearings.