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  • December 2004, SEA LIFTER

  • Sea Lifter has been succesfully tested on AZ 86 feet. The LA.ME steering device will be installed on next deliveries.

    May 2004, SEA RIDER

  • LA.ME signed a contract for the propulsion of many 30 mt fast passenger boats propelled by Sea Rider Ti 60 on triple installation.


  • Sea Lifter

  • A new generation of interceptor for fast pleasure yachts called "Sea Lifter" has come into being! The market reacts very well.
    3 shipyards are initially interested and ordered the equipment: Azimut - Rizzardi - Casa.

    February 2004

  • The first Spanish Rigid Inflatable Boat propelled by triple installation Sea Rider Ti 10 has been launched and succesfully tried.

    November 2003, INTERCEPTOR

  • Wally Power 118'

  • The test for the performance of LA.ME Interceptor has been succesfully carried out and the system has been accepted..

    June 2003, SEA RIDER

  • Italian Ferry

  • The second order of 4 catamarans propelled by Sea Rider Ti 90 has been succesfully carried out and officially tested.
    "D'Annunzio" and "Verga" for the "Lago di Garda";
    "Pascoli" and Leopardi" for the "Lago Maggiore".
    The total number of catamarans propelled by Sea Rider on the 3 italian lakes is 9.

    March 2003, SEA RIDER

  • Taiwan Coast Guard

  • Due to the good results of the first 16 boats, Taiwan Coast Guard ordered a further 11 boats, propelled by Sea Rider Ti 25.

    February 2003, INTERCEPTOR

  • "Stena Rederi"

  • The Steering Interceptor for Stena Catamarans EXPLORER and CARISMA have been delivered to the owner and succesfully tested.

    February 2002, SEA RIDER

  • Taiwan Coast Guard

  • The order of 16 fast patrol boats propelled by Sea Rider Ti 25 has been succesfully carried out.
    Top Speed 41 KN - Cruising Speed 36 kn

    February 2002, INTERCEPTOR

  • High-speed ferry "Stena Voyager"

  • She is on route using successfully thesteering interceptors. Final sea trials are delayed due to bad weather.

    February 2002, INTERCEPTORS

  • M/Y Wally Power 118'

  • Installation of interceptor equipment scheduled for this month. Sea trials expected on July 2002.

    February 2002, SEA RIDER

  • Catamaran Città di Lecco

  • Trials of Catamaran Città di Lecco (2 x SEA RIDER Ti 90) and Catamaran Città di Como (2 x Kamewa Jet) are expected on Lake Como at the end of the month. The boats Loa 25 mt, 200 pax are the same, except for the propulsion.

    December 2001, SEA RIDER

  • Taiwan Coast Guard

  • 4 new patrol boats for Taiwan Coast Guard have been built by Lung-teh Shipbuilding: 2 with SEA RIDER Ti 25 and 2 with Hamilton Jet 491.
    Loa 15 mt
    Power 2 x 820 Hp MAN
    Top Speed
    38 Kn
    40,5 Kn
    Cruise speed
    26 Kn
    36 Kn

    Other 16 boat of the series with SEA RIDER Ti 25 will follow during year 2002

    July - December 2001, SEA RIDER

  • V 5017 - V 5018 - V 5019 - V 5020

  • Italian Custom decided to add 4 new boats at the existing 16 V 5000 patrol boats already in service, all with 2 x SEA RIDER Ti 30.
    Loa 16,5 mt
    Power 2 x 1520 Hp MTU
    Speed 54 Kn

    July 2001, INTERCEPTORS
  • High-speed ferry "Stena Voyager"

  • New order is signed with Stena Rederi AB to install a new set of 4 steering interceptors on the sister ship "Stena Voyager

    July 2001, INTERCEPTORS

  • M/Y Wally Power 118'

  • New order is signed with the shipyard Intermarine SpA to install two set of double bladed trim/list interceptors on the motor yacht Wally Power 118'. Interceptors are controlled either via a Ride Control System (RCS) or manually.

    May 2001, SEA RIDER

  • Catamaran Carducci

    Trials on Lake Maggiore (Italy) of Catamaran Carducci with 2 x SEA RIDER Ti 60 and Catamaran Foscolo with 2 x CPP Servogear.
    The boats have the same design (Loa 22 mt), power (2 x MTU 820 Hp) and weight (44 ton). Carducci reach 27 Kn and Foscolo 24,5 Kn.

  • February 2001, INTERCEPTORS
  • High-speed ferry "Stena Discovery"

  • Trials of high-speed catamaran "Stena Discovery" took place along the transfer from Belfast (UK) to Hook van Holland (The Netherlands), with four steering interceptors (2 per demi-hull) integrated with onboard autopilot.
    L.o.a.: 125 m.
    Installed power: 68 MW
    Beam: 40 m.
    Max. speed: 40 kn
    Gain with interceptors: 2 kn. or 3MW of power.

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