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When the vessel has wetted sides INTERCEPTOR units may be installed on the side of the transom.

This arrangement provides alternative steering control to the use of water jet bucket deflection (or rudders) at high ship speed.

IMO HSC code

Chapter 5
Directional control system

5.2.1 The probability of total failure of all directional control system should be extremely remote when the craft is operating normally, i.e., excluding emergency situations such as grounding, collision or a major fire.

5.2.2 A design incorporating a power drive or an actuation system employing powered components for normal directional control should provide a secondary means of actuating the device unless an alternative system is provided.

5.2.4 The directional control system should be constructed so that a single failure in one drive or system, as appropriate, will not render any other one inoperable or unable to bring the craft to a safe situation. The Administration may allow a short period of time to permit the connection of a secondary control device when the design of the craft is such that such delay will not, in their opinion, hazard the craft.

Corsica Ferries - TMV 103

Sardinia Express
Corsica Express II
Corsica Express III

Trim/List Interceptors
Steering Interceptors w/ Auto-pilot

Technical Data
LOA: 103 m.
Beam: 14.5 m.
Displacement: 1200 t
Inst. Power: 24000 kW

Without Interceptor:
SPEED: 38 Kn

With Interceptor:
SPEED: 40,4 Kn

Stena Rederi - HSS 1500

Stena Discovery
Stena Voyager

Steering Interceptors w/ Autopilot

Technical Data
LOA: 125 m.
Beam: 40 m.
Displacement: 3800 t
Inst. Power: 68000 kW

Without Interceptor:

With Interceptor:

all at 40 kn speed


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